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     Deciding on whether to file for bankruptcy is not an easy decision.  Sometimes your financial situation  can
     become overwhelming with unpaid bills, judgment liens, creditor harassment, wage garnishments or other 
     situations that can quickly spiral out of control.  We want you to know that if you are considering the option 
     of filing for bankruptcy then we can provide the legal advice and representation to guide you through the
     process.  We will look at your income, assets, debts and expenses to determine whether you would qualify
     for bankruptcy, to help you choose the best option

      The Oloko law firm provides representation for clients in chapter 7 bankruptcy, chapter 13 bankruptcy and 
      foreclosure defense.  We are committed to providing clients with the care, compassion and strength they
      need to get through these trying times.

 the Oloko Law Firm, LLC today for an attorney that will guide you through the bankruptcy filing 

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