The tax treadmill can be a challenging experience.  It starts with gathering the necessary information to prepare and file a tax return.  The next step involves inserting the information on a tax form and then sending it to the IRS.   The journey becomes a bit more  challenging if your return is selected for an audit or review.  Depending on the outcome of the audit or review, a taxpayer could be faced with deficiency assessments for unpaid tax amounts and additional interest and penalties.

This is why it is essential to involve your tax attorney at the earliest stage of the journey to guide you through the entire process from researching and documenting your tax position on the return, to representing you before the IRS if your return is selected for audit.

The Oloko Law Firm, LLC is a firm that is equipped to assist clients at every stage of the return cycle from effective tax planning to audit representation, negotiating settlements and representing taxpayers in tax court.


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*Services include tax return preparation  



The business environment in any industry or sector is comprised of rules and regulations relating to the licensing and conduct of business activities.  The Oloko Law Firm, LLC assists clients in ensuring that they are compliant with the regulatory or contractual obligations in their specific venture or field of endeavor.

We provide the services necessary in forming a business, analyzing the tax or regulatory obligations of a  venture, representation in contract disputes and consultation in the sale or dissolution of a business.

In every business transaction it is beneficial to ensure that the parties are protected through the use of contractual agreements with clearly defined obligations and considerations necessary in creating a legal and binding contract. However, the benefits derived from a good legal structure do not outweigh the economic impact of maximizing profitability and creating a sound business model.

The Oloko Law Firm, LLC can provide assistance with the legal structure of your venture as well as providing some insight into the financial relationships that will ultimately drive the focus of your transaction.      

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